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Need An Energy Boost?
Tough workout? Long day? Support normal energy levels with this little-known natural treasure.
Need An Energy Boost?
Tough workout? Long day? Support normal energy levels with this little-known natural treasure.
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Transformation Begins with Intentional DAILY Lifestyle Choices

Back in 2012,  I met a really nice lady (Judy M., who is now one of my best friends) at the gym. She introduced me to Young Living, and more specifically, to an essential oil that helped me immensely with my respiratory system.  

At that time, I was already on a path of making smarter and healthier choices food-wise for my pets and myself, but I still seemed to struggle with digestive and respiratory issues.  So when she graciously shared with me some of her amazing smelling essential oils and explained to me how powerful these essential oils were -- and that they worked without the same nasty, side effects of the traditional  means I had been using to relieve my issues -- I couldn't help but say YES!  It was a no-brainer! 

Let me tell you... I took those little samples home AND USED THEM ALL UP! In just a few short days I was completely blown away when I realized that I had not used those traditional means in 4 straight days!  At that point I was convinced I was never going to need  to use those other means again!  And I was RIGHT!

It has been 12+ years now ... and NOT. ONE. SINGLE. TIME have I had to revert back to using old methods of "relieving" my symptoms.  Praise be to God!!  I say "relieving" because that's all they ever sort of did ... they never addressed the root of the problem (this is a very important point!).  

In addition, I have learned just how harmful the HIDDEN (and not so hidden) chemical toxins in products (store bought remedies, make up and personal care, cleaning products, candles and air fresheners) I was WILLINGLY bringing into my home were. It has been a very enlightening journey to say the least.  And it has been extremely EMPOWERING to know that I could do something about it!  Since removing these toxic chemicals, life is literally a BREATH OF FRESH AIR!  Not only do I feel healthier and have more energy, my dog and kitties are healthier now too!

Fast forward to today...

I can honestly say that meeting Judy changed my life ... in SO MANY WAYS!  At that time, I had NO idea that a little bottle of essential oil would help me not only gain a new best friend, but also: 

  • grow my faith in God
  • live a healthier & much happier, vibrant life
  • meet some really terrific people I never would have met otherwise
  • make amazing new friends I never had that are like-minded and like my family
  • be a part of a support group and community of folks that are there to answer questions and learn from each other
  • travel more than I had in years previous (I literally had not traveled in 17 years prior to meeting Judy)
  • AND .... make a living that supports my household all at the same time while helping others do the same!  And to think, I wanted nothing to do with the business side of this company!  LOL!  Wow! 
When I look back to where I started ... so much has changed for the better.  I am truly blessed and I hope to bless you too with whatever it is that you are seeking.  Heck I didn't even realize what I was seeking until someone showed me my life could be more... a LOT more!!  Yours can be too, and I would be honored, truly, to help you get there and bring you along arm in arm on this wonderful oily, healthy living journey with me. 

Until then...

Have the BEST day!

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